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About Mike Madden
Whether it’s a motivating keynote speech, or an afternoon workshop – your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this training, and they will “THANK YOU” for bringing Mike Madden to them. 

Get Clarity On Your Life’s Purpose

·      You were put here on Earth to DO something. Mike
will help you gain clarity on what that is, and will
show you how to align your work with your purpose
and experience greater joy and fulfillment in life.

Anyone can dramatically improve their performance and results – with the
right tools and support. Yet most people have never learned the time-tested
self-empowerment strategies and performance principles that are the basis
for personal and professional success. If you’re ready to take your life to the
next level, my Success Principles Workshop is the opportunity you’ve
been waiting for.

Mike with Jack Canfield  (America's #1 Success Trainer and Creator of the Chicken Soup For the Soul Series)

  • Do you feel like there is a purpose for your life but don’t know what it is? Are you feeling stuck or frustrated with your current situation? Would you love to find healing and step into a more expanded version of you?

  • If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then book me to deliver my  "Success Principles Workshop" for your next event/meeting.
    ​Your group will leave this workshop with a clear vision of a life that makes them feel ALIVE and on FIRE! And tools to work with the Universal Power inherent in all people, so that you can release old paradigms and patterns, and step into your vision with absolute joy and ease!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have big goals for your business or career
  • You want to grow your income and personal wealth
  • You’re seeking more purpose and passion in your life
  • You desire deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • You want more joy, freedom, and abundance
  • You dream of making a greater impact on the world

You Will Leave The Event With A "Vision For Your Life"

Learn how to take your career, your income, and your personal life to
the next level in this rare one-day workshop with Success Coach workshop leader, Mike Madden!

You’ll discover the proven success-building techniques that CEOs,
world-class athletes, celebrities, and everyday people around the world
have used to propel themselves to incredible heights of personal
achievement – and how to use these principles to dramatically
improve results in all areas of your life.

The Success Principles Workshop:

"Transforming Possibilities Into Realities"

Get The Tools & Teaching You Need To:

Mike will walk you through a series of experiential exercises that will help you identify the blocks that are holding you back from creating the life you truly want.

You’ll learn simple strategies you can implement immediately to start performing at a higher level in your professional and personal life – and continue improving your results long after the event is over.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for teams to be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, up level their efforts, strategic alliances, attitudes, behaviors and more.

Experience A New Level Of Happiness

·      You don’t have to settle for “good enough”!
Mike will show you how to create more joy and
harmony in your life – so you spend less time on
things that don’t fulfill you, and more time doing
what you LOVE.

Transform Your Business Or Career

·      Thinking about making a career change or take
your business to the next level? Mike will help you
create the results-oriented mindset and “next
steps” plan that will make your dreams a reality.