Complimentary 30 Minute Phone Discovery Session(250.00 Value)

Schedule Your Free Discovery Session  With Me!

Do you have something SPECIAL, something important you want to change? If you want to speed up your success rate, then I'd like to help you do it with a special one-on-one personal  Discovery Coaching Session.

In our time together I’m going to serve you. We’re going to get clear on three things.

  • The first is greater clarity on some of the changes that you’d like to see in your life right now; some of the longing and discontent.
  • The second is really creating a crystal-clear, three-dimensional vision for where it is that you’d love to go. What’s the destination?
  • The third thing is some action steps, a blueprint for how to help you get from where you are to really where you’d love

Ultimately you’re going to walk away from this conversation feeling inspired, feeling motivated, feeling energized, having more confidence, having more clarity, to be able to move in the direction that you really want to move in in your life one way or the other.  I carve out 10 sessions a month for complimentary sessions.

These are highly valuable, but it’s totally complimentary for you. This is my gift of my time for you.  When you sign up for a time slot, I will email you  a few questions in advance that are going to help you do some self discovery, and it’ll give me some insight into your inner thoughts and feeling before we have our call. This will actually give us a running start at this.

All that I ask is that you answer the question, it usually takes just 15 minutes. Then please email this back to me 24 hours prior to our conversation. That will give me enough time to review them, and prepare  for you during our time to talk.

Here’s what I have found: Somewhere within you, you know that this conversation with me represents some transformation, some possible change in your life. There’s a part of you that really does want to change and move forward and see some greater expanded results. Yet there’s another part of you, me and all of us that really doesn’t want to see change, and wants to keep us right where we are.

That part of us will often try to sabotage our conversation, but it doesn’t tell you, ‘I’m here to sabotage.’ It just makes you think you’re too busy, or makes you think you want to reschedule for some reason.

“All I ask is if I’m going to give you this gift of my time, is that you treat it with respect, you treat it with importance. You want to know know why? It’s because you matter. You’re worth it. You are valuable.

I highly encourage you to really respect this session that we’ve just set up and I really look forward to supporting you, being a partner in believing, and connecting with you at our scheduled time.