How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

All of my sessions are currently done through Skype or Zoom.  No matter where you live, we now have the opportunity, through Skype/Zoom, to work together without the hassle of travel.  Now, you can simply enjoy the comfort of your own home.

All I ask is that you set a quiet spot in your home where you will not be bothered during our session- which means: no kids, spouses, roommates, family members, friends, CELL PHONES, etc…

Skype/Zoom sessions are very effective and work just as well as live face to face sessions.  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

If we do decide to work together on Skype:
1.  Please turn off all phones completely or have the phone in another room
2.  It will be to our advantage for you to have a headset that you can talk into, vs. using the computer microphone.